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honestly mega-christian siwon always trying 2 convert atheist heechul is the funniest dynamic between any two given bandmembers ever

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the fact that a girl being a feminist is a turn off to a lot of guys is just further proof that sexism exists they’re literally saying they don’t want a girl who requires respect because that’s just no fun 

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It’s so frustrating when you’re like the only person who can see how evil and sneaky someone is and everyone else is like blind to it

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no one cares if you don’t like short hair on girls shut the fuck up

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people who say ‘nom nom nom’ when they eat


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Map of the World by Natural Skin Color

i’m really dumbfounded that i never realized skin colour is literally just caused by being closer to or farther from the equator and the resulting sun exposure and skin darkening

actually, its an adaptation. natural selection. people with darker skin are selected for in areas near the equator, where the melanin that causes the darker color protects them from radiation and protects them from skin cancer and other health defects, and because they are healthier they can pass on that trait more. people near the poles have lighter skin because it allows them absorb more of the limited sunlight to convert to vitamin d. 

THIS IS THE THING SOME PEOPLE HATE OTHER PEOPLE OVER.Evolution of melanin levels based on geographical location.


People who aren’t Black don’t understand why us telling ourselves “Black is beautiful ” is so important. For years and years we’ve been told we’re not beautiful, that we don’t fit “society’s standards” of beauty. And people still try to tell us this whether it’s silently or out loud. That’s why it’s important. We have to remind each other that we’re beautiful despite things people’s say about us.

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Peggielene Bartels, A.K.A. King Peggy, is currently the King of Otuam, Ghana. She was chosen to be one of only three female kings in Ghana, and when she discovered that male chauvinists wanted her to only be a figurehead, she said: “They were treating me like I am a second-class citizen because I am a woman. I said, ‘Hell no, you’re not going to do this to a woman!’” When she encountered corruption and the threat of embezzlement to the royal funds, she declared “I’m going to squeeze their balls so hard their eyes pop!”
King Peggy has maintained her work in Ghana’s embassy in Washington, D.C. while making education affordable in Otuam, installing borehead wells to produce clean drinking water, enforcing incarceration laws to deal with domestic violence, replenishing the royal coffers by taxing Otuam’s fishing industry to improve life in the village, and appointing three women to her council.
“Nobody should tell you, ‘You’re a woman, you can’t do it,’” she insists. “You can do it. Be ready to accept it when the calling comes.”
Quoted from the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Ms. Magazine.

What a beautiful badass woman.

King Peggy has been on my blog before but this is my goddamn blog and I will have King Peggy on here twice if I want.


Always reblog King Peggy, who is on my dash far less than she should be. Did you know she has written a book about her life? It is great, and you should all get right on that if you haven’t already.

Role model
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still relevant